DragonFire Pizza Ellsworth Maine
wood fire pizza, salads, soups, wings, calzones, french fries, soda, craft beer and wine.
DragonFire Pizza Ellsworrth Maine


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DragonFire Pizza Beer and Wine List

Frosty Cold Beer Ellsworth Maine


$3.99 per

On Tap:

Allagash White- Belgian White

Sam Adams Seasonal- 1 of 4 seasonal beers from Sam Adams
winter Lager, Sam 76

Sam Lager- Full Flavor Malty Beer - Boston Lager

Fogtown- changes regularly

Pabst Blue Ribbon


Elysian Space Dust IPA-Unfiltered IPA

Harpoon IPA- Dry and malty

Budweiser- American Lager

Bud Light- its bud light

Miller Lite-domestic pale lager

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale-Hoppy and Spiced

Modelo- Like Corona, but better

Allagash Black- Belgian style stout

Downeast Cider- unfiltered semi-sweet cider

Wine: all barefoot products

Pinot Grigio – Dry/white

Pinot Noir- Dry/red

Chardonnay- Sweet/white

Cabernet- sweet/red


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DragonFire Pizza Ellsworth Maine
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